Maovic Mini Buckwheat Hulls Pillow


Because we want what is best for our children and yours, Maovic buckwheat hulls pillows are a natural sleep solution. Buckwheat hulls are anti dust mite, ergonomic, heat regulators and have a soft and soothing smell, making Maovic pillows a safe and sustainable choice.

Recommended age for night use: 24 months to 5 years old
For security reasons, Health Canada does not recommend the use of any loose accessories in a baby's bed before 24 months. To know if your child needs a pillow, observe how they sleep. If your child puts a blanket or a stuffed toy under their head when it is time to sleep, it could be the right moment to introduce the use of a pillow to ensure good night sleep and optimal comfort.

For babies under 24 months (or adults!): other uses

during supervised naps
to slightly elevate baby during tummy time
to make changing time more comfortable
to contribute avoiding positional plagiocephaly
to help reduce reflux by offering a nice and stable inclination
as lombard support when working at a desk, on the road, etc.
as an easy to carry travel pillow for more comfort during a trip

    Size: 10 in x 16 in
    Our pillow is perfectly adapted to children needs and approved by a chiropractic team, It is easy to carry anywhere and will become your child's favorite!

    Designed and made in Canada with canadian grown buckwheat hulls.

    Decorative covers sold separately. Get your Maovic decorative covers

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