Mini Totem

Mini essentials Bundle - Caramel


Our vegan leather mini essentials bundle: must-haves when you are on the go with or without your minis!

Mini Cindy Bag
: the mini version of our most popular bag! Wear it 5 different ways like our classic Cindy bag. It is the ideal accessory to carry all your essentials. Light and versatile, our Mini Cindy will follow you in all your outings. Made of high-quality vegan leather, it is sturdy enough to keep its shape when opened.

Kat Crossbody Bag
: the perfect size! Its many card compartments and pockets will be very useful for your quick outings! It is the must-have accessory for busy parents!

Vanessa Card Holder: It helps you stay organized and to maximize space in your bag. Versatile and practical, it has many compartments for your cards and coins.

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