Extra Buckwheat Hulls


To replace the buckwheats hulls inside your Maovic pillow or adjust the quantity it contains, you can get extra buckwheat hulls. They are the same as the ones we put with lots of love in your pillows and nursing pillows, canadian-grown buckwheat hulls.

You will receive a bag containing the same quantity that we put in our children pillow. To fill an adult pillow, please order 4 bags.

Keep out of reach of children, choking hazard.

Why choose buckwheat hulls?
Buckwheat hulls have many advantages. They are anti-mites dust, ergonomic (since you can adjust your pillows according to your needs or level of comfort) and they have a soft soothing smell. Their shape also help regulate temperature, adding extra comfort. Contrary to other filling materials that need to be replaced quickly, buckwheat hulls do last. Simply wash them to refresh them! Our pillows are a wise choice for our planet.

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