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Maovic Waterproof Mini Pillow Cover


To protect your little ones pillows from big or small accidents, Maovic waterproof children pillow cover ensures that the buckwheat hulls contained inside will stay dry. No more night pillow washing: you just have to take the decorative cover off, wipe it all off and put a new one!

The waterproof pillow cover is made of white PUL, the same fabric used for cloth diapers. This fabric protects your pillow from water.

- Size: 10 in x 16 in, designed for Maovic MT mini pillows
- 100% cotton pattern on the topside and plain matching polycotton on the back
- Machine washable (washer / dryer)

    * The cover is sold alone. Get your Maovic MT pillow.

    Attention! Our 2022 pillow cover underwent a little change. No more zipper on the side, it is now an envelope cover. Same size as before and will fit perfectly on the Maovic MT pillows you already have at home.
    If you purchased a pillow before March 2022, please remove the pull of the zipper using small pliers as shown here. Once the pull is removed, your pillow is safe to be used and ready for our new covers.

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