About Mini Totem

How it all began

Having children is a life-changing moment. Sophie Châtillon, mom of 2 minis, pharmacist and founder of Mini Totem was transformed when she became a mother.

“I am grateful and I realize how lucky I am to be surrounded by amazing people I can count on. As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise children. However, I know that all parents don’t have a support system around them. I think it is so important that we help each other, that we create a community, a village to support each other. I proudly declare that it takes a village to raise children, but also to support parents!”

Mini Totem items are designed in Quebec. Sophie couldn’t find accessories that would be functional, safe for humans and the environment and please her sense of style all at once. She therefore started to design items herself, to help parents stay organized and stylish.

The company’s name is a tribute to its founder’s indigenous roots. Sophie is a member of the Communauté autochtone du Pontiac and wished to represent this part of her heritage, from her mother’s family. For centuries, totems have been used by First Nations communities to represent a clan, a family and its history and Sophie wanted to include this beautiful idea in her business imagery.

Our mission

To make a positive impact on women and to give back to those in need, Sophie is committed to run a business that is an active member of the community. Since its beginnings, our company has raised funds to support the important missions of organizations such as Le Phare and the CHU Sainte-Justines’ Foundation. Mini Totem is also proud to give back 2% of its profits to the Canadian Women’s Foundation.

Raising mini humans is not always easy and many women are faced with precarious conditions. Some of them are more impacted, particularly indigenous women, who live under alarming socio-economic conditions.

“As a student in Saskatchewan, I learned so much about indigenous communities in Canada. I used my student years to work and volunteer at the Switch Center (a student-led clinic), where I found out the toll precarity takes on people’s physical and emotional health, particularly mothers and their little ones. We can all be actors of change and make good things happen!”

As a pharmacist, Sophie witnessed first-hand the repercussions the last two years have had on women in situations of vulnerability. Femicides rates are rising and help services are seeing an unprecedented demand. Giving back 2% of our benefits to the Canadian Women’s Foundation is a way for Mini Totem to be part of the change and to contribute to improving women’s living conditions.

By choosing Mini Totem, you can be proud to contribute to the creation of a supporting community of parents. Thank you for joining our village!

Our values

  • Support and mutual aid: We wish to help those in need and contribute to build a caring community for parents. It takes a village to support parents!

  • Education: By sharing parental tips, pass on our knowledge and learnings about indigenous communities in Canada and shedding light on the important mission of organizations close to our heart, we consider it important to our part of public education.

  • Diversity: Families that are the face of Mini Totem are part of our village. They share our values and are committed to their communities well-being. Our family and personnel realities are made beautiful by their differences and their similarities!

  • Security : We require tests on all our products to ensure their safety for the people using them daily. A first analysis is made by our manufacturers and a second one is made by a third-party laboratory to meet Health Canada and the FDA requirements. These laboratories are also certified by CCPSC (Canada) and CPSC (US).

  • Sécurité pour l’environnement: By creating products that are safe for families, we also ensure that they are clean for the environment. For example, to avoid contaminating water, we use dyes that do not contain heavy metals. We also choose fabric by measuring their ecological footprint and we prioritize the use of recycled plastic packaging.

Our Values

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